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Interbros – Culture of Innovation

Interbros – Culture of Innovation

To become one of the most successful global manufacturers of oral care products, having a highly skilled and committed workforce is essential. Generations of excellent craftsmen and inventors from the Black Forest are naturally innovative and not satisfied until the result is perfect.
The success story of Interbros as a specialist supplier of dental care products began in the mid-nineties. Its development is today still going on with an emphasis on inventor spirit, the closeness to people and the uncompromising ambition to make the best out of each task.

Thanks to its affiliation with the Sunstar Group, Interbros has access to the latest research and technologies. As a result, Interbros has succeeded in developing state-of-the-art manufacturing methods of new product and marketing segments in the global oral care market.

Interbros GmbH | Aiterfeld 1 | 79677 Schönau | Telefon +49 7673 885-0 | Fax +49 7673 885-299 | info.interbros@de.sunstar.com

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