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Trade experience has got a name: Interbros

Trade experience has got a name: Interbros

Today, only a few manufacturers are in a position to comply with the complex performance and quality standards of modern dental care solutions.

Experience and synergies resulting from many international patents have continuously influenced and improved the oral hygiene level during the last years.

This concentration of know-how creates an invaluable opportunity for our partners. For special toothbrush types, we develop unique production processes that are implemented through cutting-edge production equipment. Hence, we frequently set new trade standards.

Market research, Product R&D, quality controls, and extensive clinical tests – all this and more is necessary to develop pioneering products that convince the modern, well-informed consumer.

Interbros GmbH | Aiterfeld 1 | 79677 Schönau | Telefon +49 7673 885-0 | Fax +49 7673 885-299 | info.interbros@de.sunstar.com

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