Team work for successful and perfect products

Team work for successful and perfect products

Our Research Center, designers, and production teams develop excellent solutions from both technological and medical perspectives. Fulfilling the requirements of doctors, market researchers and marketing strategists, these products will enjoy great success on the market.

We cooperate with renowned dentists, professors, and institutions that support our developments from the initial stages to the market launch, by providing high-quality research and clinical studies.

Brand-new bristle configurations developed by Interbros have already achieved a highly-effective tooth care technique. Scissures and dental spaces can be reached even more easily, leading to considerably enhanced cleaning and prophylactic results.
As a pioneering manufacturer, Interbros’ thoughts and actions are always future-focused for the good of the customer. With visionary ideas as well as long-lasting technological experience, we supply our partners with perfect solutions ensuring their success in the market.

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